The volume of fish and seafood consumption in Morocco showed an increase almost throughout 2018-2022. In 2022, consumption amounted to a record 551.8 thousand tons, of which 538.8 thousand tons (97.6%) accounted for fish and 13.0 thousand tons (2.4%) for seafood. The average annual increase in fish and seafood consumption for 2018-2022 was 2.4%.

Morocco is the largest producer and exporter of finished fish products in Africa. In 2022, 235.9 thousand tons of finished fish products were produced in the country, while consumption amounted to about 65.3 thousand tons. It is worth noting that the average growth rate of consumption for 2018-2022 was 4.3% per year, which is higher than the average growth rate of production, which over the same period showed negative dynamics, amounting to -0.3%.

In the structure of sales of finished fish products of Morocco in 2022, retail trade occupied the main share: in 2022 it amounted to 88.1% (57.5 thousand tons). The catering sector accounted for 11.9% (7.8 thousand tons). After a decrease in consumption in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumption growth in the catering sector resumed, while in retail trade for 2018-2022 there was no decrease in sales of finished fish products.

A key player in the market of finished fish products in Morocco is the local company Conservies Marocaines Doha, whose share in 2022 was 27.5%.

The second place was taken by Talem Group holding with a share of 18.2%, the third place was also taken by the local company VCR Maroc with a share of 14.8%.

In 2022, the import of finished fish products from Morocco amounted to 8.3 thousand tons for 37.9 million US dollars. In 2022, there was a decrease in volumes relative to 2021 by 16.9% (-1.7 thousand tons) and by 19.0% (-8.9 million US dollars) in value.

In 2018-2022, the import of finished fish products on average increased annually by 16.6% by weight and by 16.7% by value.

The main share of Morocco's imports of finished fish products in 2022 was made up of finished or canned tuna products, which accounted for 72.4% of imports. The remaining part of the supplies accounted for other finished or canned fish products: 27.6% by weight and 27.0% by value.

In the structure of Moroccan imports of finished fish products in 2018-2022, the main supplier countries were Spain and Senegal (34.9% of imports of finished fish products each). The top 5 countries also included China (7.2%), Madagascar (4.8%) and France (3.6%).

The structure of imports of finished fish products of Morocco in value terms in 2022: Spain was also the largest exporter, supplying products worth 13.8 million US dollars (36.4% of imports). The second place was also taken by Senegal, which shipped products worth 12.0 million US dollars (31.7%).

In 2022, the average import price of finished fish products decreased by 2.5% to 4,589 thousand US dollars. The most expensive products were supplied from Denmark (US$ 6,337 per ton, 38.1% higher than the average import price) and France (US$ 5,314 per ton, which is 15.8% higher than the average price). The lowest prices were demonstrated by deliveries from Lithuania — 4,084 US dollars per ton (11.0% lower than the average import price).