The exhibition dedicated to the composer Sergei Rachmaninov opened in Rome on March 24, according to the website of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

"Russian House in Rome with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russia opens the exhibition "Sergei Rachmaninov: "I am a Russian composer", organized by the Russian National Museum of Music.", – specified in the publication.

According to the ministry, Italy became the first foreign country where the exposition will be shown. It was created on the materials of the richest creative archive of Rachmaninov, transferred by relatives and close friends of the composer at various times to the funds of the Russian National Museum of Music.

The Ministry of Culture stressed that the composer had been to Italy more than once. In 1900, together with Fyodor Shalyapin, he came to Genoa, where the opera singer was preparing for the premiere at the La Scala Theater.

The exhibition "Sergei Rachmaninov: "I am a Russian composer" will run until April 24.

Sculptures and paintings of the XVII–XXI centuries by famous artists and little-known authors will be shown at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Most of the works are kept in collections, they cannot be seen in the main exhibition. Some works are being exhibited for the first time, the press service of the museum reported.

The project will allow you to compare how one motive manifested itself in the work of artists of different eras. The exhibition features "architectural views and images of cities, interior, household and historical genres," the museum said.

The exhibition features works by Fyodor Alekseev and Vasily Kandinsky, Karl Baudry and Aristarchus Lentulov, Natalia Goncharova and Alexey Venetsianov.

The paintings in the exhibition represent a variety of themes. For example, the works of Dmitry Levitsky, Vasily Perov, Nikolai Bogdanov-Belsky talk about childhood.

Family relations are depicted on the canvases of Nikolai Nevrev and Vasily Pukirev.

Acute social plots are in the projects of Helium Korzhev and Irina Shevandronova.

The Moscow way of life of the XVII century is depicted in the works of Andrei Ryabushkin and Grigory Sedov.

The canvas of Karl Gun shows the tragic events of Europe of the XVI century.

You can visit the exhibition until August 13, 2023.

An exhibition dedicated to the famous choreographer Yuri Grigorovich has opened in Paris, the press service of the Bakhrushinsky Theater Museum reports.

"In the title "Yuri Grigorovich's Bolshoi Ballet" we have combined two important components. And, first of all, we are talking about the Bolshoi Ballet, which became the Bolshoi Ballet under Yuri Grigorovich, thanks to his performances and fantastic artists," says Dilorom Rudenko, head of the International Activities Department of the Bakhrushinsky Theater Museum.

The exhibition features unique photos from the museum's collections. The pictures depict fragments from the productions of "Spartacus", "Stone Flower", "The Nutcracker", "Romeo and Juliet", "The Golden Age", "Ivan the Terrible", "The Legend of Love" and many others.

There are also unique shots with the stars of Soviet and Russian ballet in rehearsal halls and portraits of the choreographer. The author of many exhibits is Mikhail Logvinov, a photographer of the Bolshoi Theater. His works are compared with paintings.

Yuri Grigorovich is one of the most famous Russian choreographers. In the history of world ballet, his name appears along with George Balanchine, John Neumeier and Maurice Bejard, the museum said.

The exhibition will last until May 31, 2023 at the Russian Spiritual and Cultural Orthodox Center at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Paris.