A medieval treasure consisting of gold jewelry and silver coins was found in the Netherlands, Art News reports. The age of the find is estimated at a thousand years, the newspaper notes with reference to the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities.

The treasure was found by historian Lorenzo Ruijter, who discovered the treasure with a metal detector in the small town of Hoogwoud back in 2021. The find was kept secret while the museum experts studied the artifacts.

Among the found items are four gold earrings, two strips of gold leaf, 39 silver coins.

One of the coins dates back to 1250. According to scientists, it was then that the objects were buried. However, by this time the jewelry was already at least 200 years old.

The museum notes that it is very rare to find medieval jewelry made of gold in the Netherlands.

It has not yet been possible to find out why the artifacts were buried. However, in the middle of the XIII century, Hoogwoud found itself in the epicenter of the armed confrontation between West Friesland and Holland.

Art News notes that the find belongs to Ruijter, but will be exhibited at the Museum of Antiquities.