The overall decline in the online education market in Russia in 2022 was 35-40%, depending on the segments. By the end of 2021, the volume of the EdTech market in Russia amounted to 80 billion rubles. And so far, the indicator has grown by 15-20% per year, and during the quarantine period in the spring of 2020 it reached 25-50%.

Additional and professional education for adults will suffer the most, especially in the segment of expensive and exclusive areas, such as an MBA or public speaking training, since tuition for such programs, which can be designed for a year and a half, often has to be paid immediately and there is no way, as at university, to divide the payment by semesters.

In various services, the demand in the marketing training segment has fallen — courses related to social media skills, contextual and targeted advertising settings have become unpopular.

There is also a decrease in demand for programs for those who already have experience in the profession, "continuing education programs" or advanced training. Such courses are not a basic need, they are needed for further development in the profession. In a period of uncertainty, the demand for them falls.

School additional education in the direction of tutoring and preparation for the Unified State Exam will suffer the least. There is a tendency to maintain interest in teaching foreign languages. Digital and IT professions training will remain in demand. There is also an obvious increase in demand for beginner programs that allow you to master a new profession in IT from scratch. There is a growing demand for corporate training (at the expense of the employer), as companies "more acutely feel the need to improve their skills or acquire new knowledge and skills for employees," as well as for various intensive courses.