AgroVen, a 250-member investor network, presented its investment thesis and its linkup with the Solusolo startup at an event organized by Moon Hub at AgTech Garage in Uberaba (MG) to promote connections between startups and investors. About 50 people had the opportunity to see how the interaction between investors and investees works and the innovative solutions that are emerging in the ag. market.

AgroVen is an agribusiness impact network made up of business owners, corporations and industry leaders with the aim of accelerating biodigital transformation, influencing, discussing and contributing financial and intellectual capital towards innovation.

According to AgroVen’s founding partner, Fernando Polati, the presentations were unlike others because they showed both sides of the table – the relationship between investors and investees with an of exchanges experiences and learning. “Investors were able to practically demonstrate and clarify key points in relation to the following aspects: how a capital venture coming to the market makes assessments, solution maturity, cap tables, business models and entrepreneur profile, as well as how entrepreneurs are seeking to achieve maturity in structural issues such as financial, accounting and cash management, which are not normally prioritized within agtechs, so as to achieve an acceptable minimum level of governance.”

Since 2019, AgroVen has evaluated about 200 startups and invested in seven: AgroBee, Dioxd, Doroth, iRancho, Maneje Bem, Muda Meu Mundo and Solusolo. Solusolo is the latest investee and it received a total contribution of R$2 million (BRL) in the round that took place in May of this year. This agtech startup has developed a biological ingredient composed of microorganisms from within the tropical biome itself, which invigorates the soil bringing gains in yield in addition to combatting diseases. According to field studies, in soybean crops, for example, there was a 6% increase in yield. This product promotes better root development, a greater number of plants and beans per pod, and more leaves and beans.

Mr. Polati pointed out that this type of event accelerates startup preparation and maturity at this stage of seeking investors, as well as offering best practice exchanges among investors who have specific theses and/or cheques.

One notable aspect of the event is getting an entire ecosystem involved with investors - Agroven, The Yield lab and Barn, startups, innovation hubs, researchers, public bodies and companies.