In the modern world, women succeed not only in the entertainment industry, but also use media influence to promote their own business. For some, it eventually becomes even more profitable than a creative career. Star girls found companies that produce cosmetics, clothes, drinks, healthy food and more. tells the story of seven famous women who have built profitable business empires.

Rihanna - Fenty Beauty, Savage x Fenty

Rihanna, one of the most famous pop singers in the world, created the cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty in 2017. The star stressed that she wants women of all skin colors and ages to be able to find suitable beauty products. In 2018, in addition to him, Rihanna created the Savage x Fenty company, which produces underwear and leisure clothes.

If at launch the brand's line consisted of basic cosmetics, foundation, concealer, powder and others, then by 2020 the number of available shades of each product had grown to 50. Fenty Beauty also began to produce skin care products, moisturizers, sunscreens and other creams. According to Forbes estimates, in 2021, the value of Fenty Beauty reached $2.8 billion, making the company the most successful celebrity cosmetics brand in the world.

In addition, Rihanna owns 30% of Savage x Fenty shares, which Forbes estimated at $270 million in 2022.

Kylie Jenner - Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner is known as a participant in the reality show "The Kardashian Family." Among the members of her family, Jenner became the most successful businesswoman. The girl founded the Kalie Cosmetics cosmetics brand at the age of 18 in 2015. The empire began with Kylie Lip Kits, consisting of liquid lipstick and lip pencil, gradually growing and replenished with new products. According to the girl, the instant success of the brand, which made her the youngest billionaire on the Forbes list in 2019, she owes her popularity on social networks, where Jenner has several hundred million subscribers ready to buy her beauty products. The paradox is that in 2019, Kalie Cosmetics, which was estimated at $ 1 billion, employed only 12 people, almost all of the company's profits went straight into Jenner's pocket.

In 2020, Jenner sold 51% of the shares of the Kylie Cosmetics brand to Coty Inc. for $600 million, which she later regretted, and now wants to buy these shares back.

The young businesswoman did not stop at cosmetics, and in October 2023 launched her own line of Khy clothing. Time will tell how successful the new brand will be and how much money Jenner will bring.

Jessica Alba - The Honest Co

Hollywood actress Jessica Alba founded her brand The Honest Co, which produces consumer goods, in 2011. According to the celebrity, she was prompted to do this by the lack of safe and environmentally friendly children's products on the shelves, which was important for her as a young mother.

The company made a name for itself in the sale of non-toxic diapers and eventually engaged in the production of household chemicals, cosmetics, vitamins and children's furniture. In 2015, Forbes reported that the value of Honest reached $1 billion.

In 2017, Alba's brand faced a false advertising lawsuit for promoting organic products containing synthetic ingredients under the guise. The company denied the charges and settled two class-action lawsuits out of court.

For almost 13 years of its existence, Honest has expanded and now also produces makeup and skin care products, and its products can be found on the shelves of the largest American supermarkets - Target, Walmart, Whole Foods and CVS.

Beyonce - Ivy Park

Pop singer Beyonce not only earns billions for the American economy during her world tour, but also founded her own company Ivy Park in 2016. Initially, she produced sportswear in collaboration with the popular clothing brand Topshop.

In 2018, Ivy Park began collaborating with Adidas. At first, the partnership was successful, led to millions of sales, and in 2021, Ivy Park's revenue reached $93 million. However, in 2022, according to the Wall Street Journal, the revenue of the Beyonce brand fell by 50%. For 2023, data has not yet been published, but it became known that after the completion of the sold-out Renaissance tour, Ivy Park released its latest collaboration with Adidas.

Exactly how the singer will continue to develop her brand is still unknown, but she has already hinted on social networks that she can expect a line of hair care products, and in October 2023 she released her own Cé Noir perfume, which sells for $ 160. It seems that the star also decided to make money in a lucrative cosmetic niche, like many of her colleagues.

Selena Gomez - Rare Beauty

Actress Selena Gomez has come a long way from being a star of the Disney children's channel to a successful pop singer and businesswoman. In 2020, she founded Rare Beauty, a company specializing in 100% vegan products that, according to the brand, are not tested on animals. This helps Gomez attract socially conscious consumers.

Rare Beauty offers eyebrow gels, lip oils and eye shadow, but the jewel of the brand is liquid blush for $23. According to Bloomberg, in 2022, the company sold only $70 million worth of blush. As expected, by the end of 2023, the brand's sales will grow by the second.

In addition, Rare Beauty has a social mission. Thus, 1% of all company revenues go to the Gomez Rare Impact Fund, which intends to raise $100 million to help expand access to mental health services and education.

Kate Hudson - Fabletics

Actress Kate Hudson has been a sports ambassador in Hollywood for over 10 years. In 2013, she co-founded Fabletics with TechStyle Fashion Group CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, becoming the public face of the brand. The company specializes in the production of sportswear. The Hudson brand quickly gained popularity among women and still remains one of the most successful on the market.

In 2021, Fabletics was valued at $5 billion during the IPO. Since then, the company has continued to expand, starting to produce medical scrubs and shapewear. In 2020, she attracted the popular actor Kevin Hart to the release of her men's clothing, presenting a collection of tracksuits and golf clothes.

Kim Kardashian - Skims, SKKN

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian remains one of the most influential women in the global fashion industry and often sets trends. Unsurprisingly, she has created a lucrative beauty empire herself.

In 2019, Kardashian launched the Skims shapewear brand. A line of slimming underwear in a traditional and more revealing style has become a real hit of sales. Later, the company also began to produce homewear, swimwear and a men's line. In 2023, the Skims brand was named an official partner of the US National Basketball Association.

In 2022, Kardashian also founded SKKN, a company that produces skin care products, cosmetics and perfumes. As the New York Times reported, Skims was estimated at $4 billion in 2023, and the brand's sales volume amounted to $750 million last year.